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Valentine Gifts Bokaro, Have you ever felt for anybody that you couldn’t do without her or him? Ever felt like in the worst of times, someone’s presence, or even voice, could make all the difference in your world? Ever felt like the heart was almost stuck in your throat and tears came without asking, because you’re waiting to say to the other, words that can forge a bond that – who knows – might last forever? Words like ‘Be mine’, words like ‘I love you’, or even words like ‘will you be my Valentine?’

Valentine’s Day is the occasion where you can express that which you are feeling for the person you love—your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, in other words, your beloved. Or even strengthen the love that you already have been sharing for years, days, a few moments even!

Celebrated in thousands of countries across the world on February 14th every year, Valentine’s Day is a day when Love matters the most – as it should! However, just like carving the right words that really fulfill the meaning of the love you feel for your beloved is tricky, finding that perfect gift for her or him can often prove to be a task. At, we will help you choose gifts online that can ideally complement the words that can make your beloved feel the most special on Valentine’s day. We have not only an excellent assortment of Valentine gifts lined up for you, but through our international delivery process, you can buy a gift online with us no matter where you are so as to be able to ensure that your special lady or man can have nothing but the best! At, it is our promise to you that we will have it delivered whenever you want – even in the middle of the night, if that is what you desire or even on the same day as when you order the Valentine’s day gift.

What is more is that you can choose Valentine gifts online in a range of prices and gives you the access to easy replacement and return policies but only in the case of damaged or incorrectly supplied goods!

Now, let’s get you started on some of the top gift choices you can make for your Valentine.

Valentine Gifts Ideas Online from

Valentine WeekGifts By TypesGifts By Recipient
Rose DayPersonalised GiftValentine Gift For Girlfriend
Propose Day Chocolates Valentine Gift For Boyfriend
Chocolate Day Cushions Valentine Gift For Husband
Teddy Day Message BottlesValentine Gift For Wife
Promise Day Flowers
Hug Day
Kiss Day
Valentine’s Day

Online Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019 endeavors to make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible! Without having to step out of your home and keeping aside your household duties or busy office meetings, with, you can have the choicest of Valentine’s day gifts that include delectable hampers containing not only chocolates, cakes, flowers—in beautiful bouquet arrangements—but also gift items like love coasters, photo frames, keychain sets, cushions, teddy bears, designer lamps, posters, coffee mugs, jewellery, perfumes, and more, most of which you have a chance to personalize! Yes, you can in fact personalize your Valentine gifts online with a message or a photograph – that way, your Valentine’s day online gift doesn’t remain just another gift but meant ‘only’ for your Valentine!

While in flowers you can choose from exquisite roses, lilies, orchids, in plants there’s quite a variety to be offered like money plants, spider plants, tulsi plants and even the exotic sansevieria for those who love green and nature to soothe their souls. These plants are sometimes available in lovely vases! In cakes, buy online the following scrumptious flavours—divine black forest, butterscotch, chocolate truffle and vanilla—as Valentine gifts.

Valentine Gifts Bokaro, There will never be a dearth of a smile on your Valentine’s face when you will hand over a fabulous Valentine’s day gift hamper that combines: flowers and chocolates, sweets and cookies, and any of the gift items mentioned above. In fact, even in the form of gift baskets and combos, an ideal and heart-warming Valentine’s day gift online could be personalized: imagine a ‘love combo’ that contains a personalized cushion with a photograph of both you and your Valentine printed on it, alongside a photo frame with your name and image on it!

Valentine Gifts Bokaro

Valentine Gifts Bokaro, The best part about shopping for Valentine’s day gift online on is that you are spoilt for gift ideas for the one who means so much to you! The world, probably? The Valentine’s day gift ideas on our website are plenty. How’s that? Well, let’s start with the fact that the gifts on Bokarocake are not only categorized as per ‘occasions’ (and you will, of course, choose Valentine’s day when under that category) but are also categorized as per ‘recipients’ and ‘relationships’! So, you can choose gifts to your heart’s content for either your girlfriend or boyfriend or rummage through a vast number of Valentine’s day gift ideas under men or even women.  You could also go directly under Valentine’s day gifts ‘for her’ and ‘for him’! From gifts related home décor, the garden, to jewellery items, to bar gifts—it couldn’t get better!

Another unique feature that offers you is that once you land on our website, you can also choose to click directly on ‘events and expressions’ to begin your specific search for Valentine’s day gift. So imagine, you want to say to your Valentine ‘Crazy for you’—once you click on the link with these words, you will find a wide variety of gift items like watches, cuff links, beauty and personal care gift items to choose from! Phew! Innumerable options in Valentine’s day gift ideas for him and her, isn’t it?

For Valentine’s day special gifts, surely hop directly on to the Happy Valentine’s Day collection page, and there, find for your Valentine chocolates, cakes, cookies, flowers, and everything else that you wish to bestow on your love from the depth of your hearts!

Valentine Gifts for Him

So how about we give you now, some special ideas on what you can choose as online Valentine’s day gifts for him—be it your husband or boyfriend! While a watch or a perfume may just be the perfect online Valentine day gift for that special him in your life—and has quite a collection for you to choose from—how about we move towards something more romantic?  How about an alluring combination of a cushion, candle and photo frame – that too personalized to your desire? On the cushion you have two fawns ‘fawned’ for each other? Got the pun, yes? We mean the romance in the pun? Or better still a personalized glowing lamp with his photograph on it, or even a plaque with a heartfelt message engraved on it?

There is of course always the quintessential and suave book hands for the reader-him, and the combination of silk bow and handkerchief alongside a purse forming an ideal Valentine’s day gift for your husband or boyfriend available online. In some other unique gifts for men you could choose unusually sculpted paperweights made of glass; little wonky plant holders; and the most exquisite-to-look-at wonky bottle locket made of medical waste (wow!) with a miniature scroll inside the cork — so what’s going to be your message in the bottle on Valentine’s day for your husband, boyfriend, love, Valentine?

Valentine Gifts for Her

When it comes to my lady fair, online Valentine’s day gifts for her are too many to choose from really. So let give you a head start on online Valentine’s day gifts for her! From personalized rotating cube lamps, to ‘I love you much’ framed posters, to chocolate slabs wrapped in premium quality glossy paper with the choice of chocolate, the message or photo to be put on the wrapper left to you—Valentine’s day gifts online could not get more creative for your beloved wife, or girlfriend or the Valentine-to-be.

For those who are particular with personal care, you could buy an ideal Valentine’s day gift online from our beauty and personal care gifts section! From fabulous beauty kits from Lakme containing nail paints from Lakme colour rush along with a Lakme 9 to 5 Insta instant glow cream, to luxurious bath essentials set containing a face towel, bath towel and a long bath robe that can be personalized with the lady’s initials in colored embroidery.

There’s of course gold rings to pendants to gold coins – all of which can be personalized with your initials or names in the category of jewellery gifts to fashionable polly silk dupattas and embroidered viscose stoles, and perfumes from international brands like Prada, Azzaro, Davidoff and Armani. Buying Valentine’s day gifts online for her couldn’t get better isn’t it?

No matter where you are in the world, even if sadly not in the same city in Bokaro or in the country as your girlfriend or wife on Valentine’s day, know that will ensure the gift is delivered to your beloved on time! Sitting just about anywhere, order and buy Valentine day gifts for her in Bokaro online and wait for the smile to appear on her face – not a trace of worry!

Send Valentine Gifts to Bokaro

Buying gifts online has the advantage of disregarding distance and geographical locations. On an occasion like Valentine’s day, if you are far from your Valentine, matters do get difficult for the heart, doesn’t it? Well, at, with our international delivery option, same day and next day delivery options, shopping online for Valentine’s day gifts couldn’t get more fun since Irrespective of where you are, you can send Valentine gifts to Bokaro by simply a click of button online. With Bokarocake, send your love Valentine’s day gifts chosen from your heart on time! We deliver to most parts of Bokaro and to a few destinations internationally as well!

Valentine’s Day Offers

Come any occasion, at, there is never any dearth of fabulous offers that helps make available some superb original gift ideas alongside excellent free gifts and discount offers! Valentine’s day is no exception either. Here are some excellent Valentine’s Day offers for you and your love. Buy Valentine gifts online at and get yourself the chance to find surprise gifts inside personalized gift items like cushions! Your happiness is sure to double at these delightful Valentine’s day offers, isn’t it? There’s more, as there always is… Imagine getting a solid Rs 150 off on absolutely beautiful personalised cube lamps! These lamps–by the way—can contain five photographs close to your Valentine and you, and will be a keepsake worth the feelings that Valentine’s day exude! Buy these Valentine gifts online with us and light up your life with our too-good-to-be-true Valentine’s day offers! Also, how about getting a chocolate free with every personalized calendars? That too a Dairy Milk chocolate? Didn’t we just utter the word ‘superb’! Well, with such superb gift ideas, we have to match superb Valentine offers, and only can your online shopping experience be worth your while, as in worth your Valentine! Start your Valentine’s day gift shopping online right away then…

Bokarocake made the process of Valentine gifting easy with the online selection and timely delivery anywhere in Bokaro. We cover each part of Bokaro

Romantic Valentine Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend and Boyfriend has some fantastic ideas when it comes to Valentine gifts for girlfriends and boyfriends! While flowers like tulips, roses and orchids and lilies in vivid colours and assortments are always ready from our end, and irresistible and delightful chocolate-y gift hampers from Ferrero Rocher and Cadbury’s are there too no end—sometimes you will find in combination with cosmetics, mugs, candles, teddies and other chocolates! This apart there are cakes—truffles, butterscotch, black forest and much much more that you can share with your Valentine! You must be thinking that there possibly can’t be any more romantic Valentine Gifts ideas for girlfriends and boyfriends than a Valentine gift combo of chocolates and blooming flowers, yes? Well, yes, that is true but to an extent. In some romantic Valentine’s day gift options here are some personalized gift ideas for girlfriends and boyfriends.

How about a set of four personalized love coasters! You could send the image or message you want to be placed on the coasters and we will have them ready for you! It is that easy and what an ideal gift on Valentine’s Day it would be for your girlfriend! She could have it in front of her whenever she is drinking or eating something and remember you! As Valentine’s day gift set for your boyfriend, how about an awesome personalized key chain set? You can, in fact, personalize the keychains with a photo that means much to your boyfriend: may be of the day he proposed to you? In fact, Valentine’s day is the day when while expressing your love towards your Valentine, there could be nothing better as a romantic gift other than a personalized gift. Agreed?

Romantic Valentine Gifts Ideas for Husband and Wife

Speaking of romantic gifts, how could we forget personalized gifts for the husband and wife available online? Valentine gift ideas for the wife could contain fabulous gift hampers like excellent chocolate and flower combos, but imagine the joy on her face when she will get from you a personalized A4-sized glass photo frame with both your photos on it or perhaps a personalized smile postcard alongside a pair of lovely earrings—the card might have written on it: ‘I never saw so sweet a face, as that I stood before, my heart has left its dwelling place, and can return no more …’ A Valentine’s day gift should be as precious as this when you shop at

Similarly, in romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas for the husband online, creative personalised photo cushions, heart-shaped photo frames, personalized gold rings with names, personalized vertical-bars in necklace for couples, and cube lamps! One of the most unique, soulful and personalized Valentine’s day gift idea for the husband might also be this personalised Facebook post puzzle. For just 449 rupees, this 120-piece puzzle is A4 in size and will be made of cardboard sheet and you can personalise it with your image, name and whatever other detail you may wish to add. It will be a keepsake for years to come, a throwback during all the forthcoming Valentine days you will celebrating in the years to come! Last but not the least, there is always the Valentine gift of a sumptuous cake—available in a lot of mouthwatering flavours!

Celebrate Valentine Week (7th-14th February)

The celebration of love and deep affection towards your Valentine, in fact, begins a week before the Valentine’s Day! So, what if you wanted to make your Valentine feel special throughout that entire week?

Rose Day (7th Feb): 

Let us start with Rose Day on February 7th. How about sending your beloved a bunch of 30 to 50 long-stemmed red roses put together in a red jute paper by our expert florists on this day? Won’t that be simply beautiful to begin Valentine’s day week? It will, in fact, be just the right beginning to the week-to-come!

Propose Day (8th Feb): 

For Propose Day that follows the Rose Day, how about do just that—propose with a gold ring with a petal design or leaf design which can also be personalized, in that it can have the name of your beloved inscribed on it? Tell what is in your heart and hear from your Valentine words that might matter for a long time to come?

Chocolate Day (9th Feb): 

Chocolates naturally follow! It is a given that the feeling of love is most experienced in the taste of melting chocolates and what better place to choose them from than! On Chocolate Day, February 9th, spoil your love with Ferrero Rocher chocolate hampers to handmade chocolates to Dairy Milk chocolates combined with wafers, stoles and soft toys!

Teddy day (10th Feb): 

There is of course always the Teddy Day just next to the Chocolate Day, where you can gift your Valentine a cute, cuddly teddy bear along with a bouquet of chocolates or even a bouquet of three small teddies and four chocolates! There is the much loved ten-inch bear hugs teddy ideal for the Teddy Day too! And just when you thought what else could there be, comes the Promise Day.

Promise Day (11th Feb):

On the 11th of February is celebrated Promise Day; while a promise is a precious gift in itself, what could add to it perhaps is a personalized gift item from the many options that you have got above! From chocolates to flowers to cookies and jewellery, perfumes, cards, photo frames—gifts on will truly complement your promise to be with your Valentine!

Hug Day (12th Feb):

From the promise, one moves to the Hug Day! Give your Valentine the warmth of a hug that will wrap her or him in the feeling of love for days on end. Hug your way to your Valentine’s heart also alongside some very creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas available at affordable prices and with magical Valentine Day offers, which you can order through Bokarocake from no matter where you are in the world!

Kiss Day (13th Feb): 

When love is in the air, is a kiss that far? Not quite, and it should certainly not be on the Kiss Day before Valentine’s Day! Seal the promise of affection and the bond of love with a kiss that is no less than perfect this Valentine’s day! Most certainly, do not forget that special gift for your beloved Valentine behind to complement the embrace that matters a great deal!

Valentine’s Day(14th Feb):

Finally, it is Valentine’s Day. Celebrate love – for that is perhaps the only thing that is worth celebrating, because that is the only thing that is worth sharing and keeping, forever. But remember, although primarily meant for love-birds who wish to paint the town red and sometimes pink, this is a day we celebrate love! So shower love also to anyone who means to world to you—your father, mother, siblings, friends or relatives. And no matter where you are and what is in your heart, we at are with you, as always! This Valentine’s Day, like your words, choose your gifts with care at!


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